01 February 2008

Thanksgiving of last year . . . and Happy February!

This last year our Thanksgiving was our first on our own since we've been married. I had enough food probably for 6 adults, but we only managed to recruit one besides ourselves. But it was okay because I had some great recipes to take care of the leftovers! I believe many of you that view this post may have seen these pictures already and have already heard about the menu. I also thought our table looked pretty nice for poor college students - my grandma gave me an entire dish set when she got new ones while we were still in Provo! The last picture was not actually taken on Thanksgiving, but I thought it expressed how I felt about my culinary accomplishments for that day. :-)

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  1. How fun! Logan and I had Thanksgiving dinner alone (2006) last year. My best friend did fly in from D.C. to be with us though. So it was the three of us. We took pictures of our food too. It is a huge accomplishment to make all of that for 3 people!


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