02 February 2008

Little trucker

Dietrich loves this truck. We gave it to him for his first birthday, and in addition to riding it he also finds it useful to climb to reach things he shouldn't have. I haven't yet had the sense of humor to take a picture of him doing something he shouldn't, but we did think it was funny when he threw on his hat and starting racing around the apartment. It used to be that we could barely get him to put it on when we went outside and then only if HE thought it was too cold without it. So we were surprised when he started throwing it on for fun when we were actually inside.


  1. so cute! I think Easton and Dietrich would have so much fun playing together.

  2. So, I know you put on the "likeness meter" of who Dietrich looks more like - but I see Dave so much in him. It's like a little Dave in all the pictures I see.


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