16 October 2014

Because you're awesome, and need to remind yourself of it

Our home has recently been in a state of disarray. It usually is a little bit (I have a three year-old, and two other kids besides), but it's been extra bad for the past week because we've been rearranging rooms and furniture. Today I made some good progress in restoring order, and my husband commented, "You did a good job today." My response? "I know!" with a big smile. Followed by a sheepish chuckle and, "I mean, thanks."

This isn't the first time I've responded this way when I've been commended for something. Sometimes I feel pretty silly about that response. But this evening I was reflecting on it. I'm pretty sure I got this tendency from my mom, and she is pretty great. Why shouldn't I give myself a pat on the back for a job well done? I've certainly spent enough time of my life practically loathing myself for all the things I'm not doing right (terrible dark stages of my life that I almost never return to now). It's okay to give myself a break and acknowledge things I do get done, the things I am doing right.

And that is what I want you to reflect on, my friends. I have enough personal experience with this, and have talked with enough female friends to know that there are so many of us just beating ourselves to death for what we're not doing the way we think we should, the way we think others expect us to do it. Ugh! No wonder we have a tendency to feel unfulfilled, under-appreciated, depressed, and empty! If you want to feel awesome, then start noticing and acknowledging the times you just rock it!

Be your own cheerleader. You're not being conceited when you acknowledge your own awesomeness. Many parents go to great lengths to acknowledge all of the great things their kids do, and fail to acknowledge their own greatness. My own mom modeled great positive thinking about herself in every aspect. You can't have any idea how much your own self-talk influences your children. As long as you keep it clear that you're celebrating your own personal growth, and it's not about comparing yourself to other people, it's not conceited and it's such a great thing for your kids to learn! If you are your own cheerleader, then those times that your efforts go unacknowledged by other people will matter less. You just worry about pleasing Heavenly Father and yourself, and loving and serving others. You'll pretty much rock it every day to some extent or another.

I know you've been rocking it a whole lot already, but now you just need to give yourself some recognition. Every day. You deserve it. And besides, positivity yields even more positive results. Negative thoughts about ourselves are not from the Lord. So send Satan and his serious load of negativity packing. The Lord gives us weaknesses that we may be humble, not that we may be hateful toward ourselves. So love yourself, and remember that those weaknesses are future strengths.

Note: Men may very well struggle with this, too, but as women are the ones that I talk to the most and feel the most confident in them relating with the topic I addressed them. However, if you're a man and totally know what I'm talking about, then this is for you, too!

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  1. I love this post and couldn't agree more! I often tell my daughter how awesome of a mom I am (she's clothed, dressed, fed, loved...that's more than a lot of kids get!). I find saying it to her helps me remember the good things I do and helps her learn to acknowledge what others do for her.


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