27 September 2013

Focus Change

When I began this blog six years ago, it was mostly a way to update family and friends with our family happenings - primarily with photos. At the time we had dial-up internet and it took FOREVER to email photos, but blogging multiple photos was relatively quick. Occasionally I would post some of my thoughts about life and the gospel, and I was surprised to find that those posts received the most comments. Mostly the feedback made me feel like my viewpoint was helpful to people and that made me feel good.

In the past year I've made some changes to the blog to make my information more safe while also making it so that I didn't need to be afraid of my blog reaching a larger audience. This change was prompted by a message a brother in our ward gave about using technology to share the gospel. He encouraged us to set up profiles at mormon.org. Those profiles give you the option of linking a facebook account, and/or a blog. The facebook account was out of the question, but I felt that if I altered the blog a bit it could be a tool for good. But other than making it less personal so it wouldn't be a safety risk if more people saw it, I haven't changed much about how I blogged.

However, I've decided that I'm ready to make a change. I hope to be able to blog regularly about things that matter to me. For some time now I have harbored a secret wish to be an inspiring 'Mormon blogger,' and a sister in my ward encouraged me to go for it! I always do better when I have a plan and a schedule. I now hope to post two-three days a week with the following themes: Monday Musings (may or may not be spiritual in nature), Wonderful Wednesdays (definitely spiritual in nature, because the gospel is wonderful to me), and Fun Fridays (this is where I'll share family happenings/pictures). Stay tuned - and feel free to share the things you find worthwhile sharing!

For today's 'Fun Friday' edition: I got my hairs cut yesterday. I like it. :)

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