05 April 2013

Someone Turned Thirty . . .

My first memory of David was actually just 'hearing' about him. Around the time that I announced to people at school that I would be moving across town I was exchanging notes with a mutual friend. I hadn't yet met Dave, and somehow my friend knew the ward boundaries even across town. When he learned my new location he wrote in a note, "You'll be in Big Dave's ward." My thought was, "Who is 'Big Dave'?" Neither Dave nor I recall the first time we spoke, but I do remember the day that I put a face with the name. Our first Sunday in our new ward, the Sunday school teacher introduced everyone in the class to me. After he introduced David Allred I thought, "So that's 'Big Dave'. He's not very big." :)
During our senior year, I got rides with David a lot to school, partly to make sure that I could be on time to ballroom (he's very punctual). One day that I'd gotten a ride with him I had some errand that needed doing and somewhat urgently apparently because I asked him to drive me there during the lunch hour. We had AP English together after lunch and we arrived a little late. We walked into the classroom separately and tried to  stagger it slightly to try to avoid teasing, but it didn't work. Boy, we got a lot of ribbing from our class mates. That was the first time that our teacher ever got a hint that we might be more than friends.
After his mission, and after our first post-mission date someone that came through my checkout line (I was working at a grocery store at the time) invited me to go swing dancing that evening. I didn't really know him, but he was a friend of a friend from work and so I said yes. I was a little nervous since I couldn't even recall the guys' name, but not nearly as nervous as my mom was. She was so upset with me for accepting a date with a guy that I didn't even know! While she was still at the store David came in and I invited him to come with me, as a safety measure and because I just wanted him with me. Mom was so relieved. I was driving somehow - the guy (Travis) met me at the store, and then I picked up David who wasn't too thrilled to go (since he really doesn't love dancing) but was going to keep me safe. David was in the backseat by himself and Travis held up the conversation single-handedly, talking about himself and horses. *eye roll* We ended up meeting a group of people at the dance that Travis had planned on meeting up with, which meant that he definitely had a ride back home. I danced with him once (he was awful), and then David and I got out of there. We went to Wendy's for fries and frosties. So, it all worked out!
David got me out of more than one scrape while we were single, and keeps me sane now. I always knew I could count on him for anything - even after I'd broken up with him (I did try not to take advantage of him since I knew that I'd broken his heart, though)! He's always been a gentleman - completely respectful of me as a woman and as a person. He's a really smart and steady man, but he's never made me feel inferior. In fact, he's made me feel like I am capable of doing anything. I am profoundly grateful to have him in my life, and to have had him in my life for so long. I've known him for more than half of his life! He's just my favorite person ever. The end. :)

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