24 December 2010

Allred Family Letter 2010


10. “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” The saying to live by when your refrigerator, your computer, and your furnace all break within the same year. No need to replace things that aren’t totally broken.

9. Dietrich started going to primary, turned four, and started preschool at home with mother.

8. Kate turned two and has helped her brother to learn that he’s not the boss, she is.

7. David started teaching a sports medicine class in addition to his regular athletic training duties.

6. BYU’s season began somewhat discouragingly, but finished out strong. We look forward to next year’s first independent season, as much of it will be broadcast by ESPN. More games available for watching!

5. Dietrich became fully potty trained!!! Kind of old, but he got it down SO fast.

4. David was released as a counselor in the Elder’s quorum presidency; Rachael was released as primary chorister.

3. David was called as the president of the Elder’s quorum; Rachael was called as a counselor in relief society (that was a surprise).

2. David and Rachael celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary, and they’re so grateful for each other.

1. Found out that sometime around June 28, we can expect another precious spirit to join the family!

Happy New Year! Life has been crazy, fun, and challenging at the Allred home this year. We’re still enjoying our new home – although we have wondered at times if we closed on it too early. Our furnace leaked (but did no permanent damage), and then our refrigerator gave up the ghost; the computer, and later the furnace followed suit. We’ve half wished that we still had a landlord to foot the bill. But the year has been filled with wonderful blessings in addition to our small trials. We recently learned that 2011 will bring a new baby to our household! Sometime around June 28 is when the stork is expected.

David is still enjoying his job as an athletic trainer for the Blaine County school district. This year he began teaching a sports medicine class at the high school as well. He’s been shocked to experience how much teaching one class each day takes up so much time! Teaching high school students is probably not his favorite part of the job, but he still enjoys it overall. Up until the year was almost ended David was a counselor in the Elders’ quorum presidency, but he now serves as the president of the elders’ quorum. It certainly increased the number of phone calls he gets.

Rachael has been blessed with many insights this year about how she can live life better and happier. When school began for the 2010-11 school year she began doing preschool with Dietrich and has really enjoyed that. For most of the year Rachael served as the primary chorister and the ward choir director. She was recently released from the primary calling and now serves as a counselor in the relief society presidency. Otherwise, Rachael spends her time perfecting the management of her home, taking care of her children and learning new skills (i.e. sewing, crocheting, and knitting).

Dietrich began going to Primary at the beginning of this year, turned four, and started doing preschool with mom. Before preschool he knew six letters – now he can correctly identify twenty-two or so of them. He has really enjoyed preschool and primary. With some moral support from his Dad joining him on the stand Dietrich said his part for the primary program all by himself. It was pretty exciting when it was more than we thought he would do.

Kate has joined in on preschool and thought it was super fun. She turned two this year and really enjoys playing with Dietrich whether he’s playing with cars or plastic tools. Dietrich is definitely a favorite, but she’s made it clear that he’s not the boss. She’s really good at putting things away most of the time, which her mother really enjoys.

We’re thankful for the friends and family that we have. Life is good and Heavenly Father loves us all. Having the gospel of Jesus Christ is our greatest blessing in life, and we’re so blessed to have family and friends that have at various times in our lives helped us to be true to the faith. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season and wish you a happy new year!

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  1. Ha ha. That is so funny. It didn't all happen this last year but ... Adam was a councilor in the YM program and got released, then called as the President. I was the Primary chorister, got released, then called as a RS councilor too. Crazy! I was also very surprised.


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