30 April 2010

Our boy is FOUR!


His first look at his present.

This is trickier than the little tricycle. Get a load of the "effort tongue". :D
Below is first dessert (mid-afternoon) and second dessert. I had only been planning on getting him his own individual ice cream; that expectation had become clear as we were discussing his upcoming birthday. But it wasn't until the day of that he indicated that he expected a birthday cake as well! Luckily I had recently purchased several cake mixes so it wasn't too much of a stresser for me. He was sure excited about his green bike. The really funny thing was that a couple of days after we bought it for him he told me he wanted a green bike for his birthday. He'd never said anything about it before. Are we good or what?

Some things I love about Dietrich are: he explains to me when Kate wakes up growling from her nap that, "She's too grumpy"; his favorite excuse for not minding me is, "I'm too grumpy"; he almost always mentions temples, family, and primary in his prayers; he's a pretty sweet older brother; his very expressive face. We love our little boy!


  1. I can't believe he's 4 already! I love the "effort tongue". What a great present! And I think your cake looks pretty :)

  2. your kids are adorable. i can't wait to get ethan a real bike (he's way too big for his tricycle). thanks for the blogging/picture tips! :)


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