29 March 2010

Yep, I'm a punk

So, today is my husband's birthday. I delivered lunch and balloons to him at work. After I got home I called to make sure he got them. The first words he says to me, "You're a punk." WHA . . . ? :D j/k I knew he'd be a little embarrassed. That's partly why I did it. BAHAHA I also partly did it because I love him lots and partly so people at work would know it was his birthday. I knew HE wouldn't say anything about it. And he still doesn't have to b/c the balloons say it all. :D

On a somewhat related note, I'll share with you another instance when I surprised someone with balloons for his birthday. Many of you may know, or have heard at one time that I share my birthday with my oldest brother, who is twelve years older than me. Our birthday is during the summer. Previously he taught modern dance at BYU. During one summer term I attended a dance workshop and he was there too. I surprised him and had balloons delivered while we were in class. I was shocked to find that he was embarrassed. So much so, that he failed to mention that it was my birthday as well - which he had NEVER done before in my whole life. I know that he immediately assumed they were from his wife (he checked the card later) and he put them quickly out of sight and got on with class. But of course he didn't escape the birthday wishes. :D
Maybe some of you are wondering why I was surprised that he was embarrassed. Well, for one, I think that may be the only time I've ever seen him embarrassed. For another thing, birthdays were a HUGE deal at my house. We had birthday songs (a series of three + our own individual song) sung to us at least twice during the big day. We got to choose all of the meals for the day. We had a slipcover placed on our chair, labeled "V.I.P." for the day. I mean, there was a lot of hoopla. And last of all, I wouldn't have been embarrassed by such a thing, so I guess I thought that he wouldn't be either . . . for some reason. I'm still puzzled by it. I expected David to be embarrassed today, but I didn't expect that reaction from my brother a few years ago. Hm. 'Tis a puzzlement.


  1. I think that is very sweet, even if David was embarrassed by it.

  2. Very nice. I am with David & Raymond on this one, though. :-)


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