14 January 2010

Happy New Year's!

I love how it's the middle of January and I'm finally posting the pics from our New Year's party. :D As you can see our party included a pinata (which was strongly constructed - that's why David had to help break it), glowsticks, and you might be able to see traces of chocolate on one or both of our children's faces. That would be from our chocolate fountain. :) After the kids were in bed David and I started on a puzzle while we waited for the midnight hour. We saw no ball drop (in the mountains you only get TV if you pay for it) but we did stay up 'til just past midnight. That might be the first time that it's happened for awhile. :) Frankly, our year has started out somewhat poorly with a couple of unexpected inconveniences, however it could be much worse. And we still have each other and our kids, so life is still pretty good overall.

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  1. Rachael, you have the internet. You don't need TV. We never pay for TV. We watched the ball drop on the internet.


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