05 January 2010

Allred Christmas, vol. 2

Because of technical difficulties these are the only pics we have of Christmas day. What technical difficulties you ask? Well, after the kids had gone to bed Christmas Eve, I went downstairs to make some final preparations for the big day. I walked into my kitchen and noticed that the floor made this odd squishing sound when I stepped on it. So I called David downstairs to check out this odd phenomenon. He apparently had noticed it earlier, but it wasn't that bad and he thought maybe just some spilled water had gotten in between the floor boards. He looked for the source of the "flood" and found that our furnace had sprung a leak. We have a guy who works on heating systems in our ward so we gave him a call. Busted valve in the furnace. Moved the stove so we could pull up some floorboards, the heating guy said he'd fix it Monday and in the meantime lend us a big fan to help dry out our floor. Not long after he leaves the power goes out. And it stays out ALL NIGHT! Into the next morning too. David assembled the kids' "Santa gift" by lantern light. Christmas morning was freezing, and I couldn't make our Christmas breakfast of pancakes with pudding and berries for lack of power and a functional stove. Luckily the kids are good with cheerios any given day. We had previously planned to go to Preston Christmas day anyway, but we waited awhile to see if the power would come on so that David wouldn't have to disconnect the garage door opener to get our car out. Power came on for a little bit. David opened the garage door and loaded our vehicle. The power went off again. David starts worrying again about having to disconnect the garage door opener, but the power came on again and we decided we'd better get out of town before the power goes off again! Which we later found out it did. There was a 17-hour blackout in our area (Hailey, Ketchum, Gooding, Carey). It was a pretty big blackout. Several areas are apparently on the same grid. Yikes! So even though David and I had no breakfast at least we did get to go home to Preston and get some good food. What a crazy Christmas, huh? And this week our ward relief society is having a meeting about "preparedness". Nothing like a real emergency to find out how prepared you are/are not. (p.s. If we'd had propane that we could find, we could have cooked our Christmas breakfast on our propane camp stove) HAHAHAHA

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