01 November 2009

Halloween with the Allreds

It is semi-traditional for us to carve special pumpkins (David and I right now). These are the 2009 models. :D David's is the spider, and mine is the ghost.

Dietrich and Kate enjoyed our tri-ward "trunk or treat". Or at least the candy they got from it. The following day we also got to trick-or-treat at local businesses in Hailey. Dietrich enjoyed growling at all passers-by (young children were no exception, and he scared a couple).

Dietrich's costume requires no explanation. He really got into character.

Kate was the "Cheshire Cat" from Alice in Wonderland. This costume was made by her Aunt Amy, originally for an Alice in Wonderland photo shoot at my parents' home. Clever isn't it? Thanks Amy! While I couldn't get her to meow, or anything cat like, she did enjoy the tail quite a bit . . . and David tells me that she barked. haha

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