04 October 2009

Kate's birthday

She was fascinated by the flame, but didn't manage to put it out. And unfortunately, she didn't care for the cake. She eats almost everything so it didn't occur to me that she may not like it!

She completely enjoyed her cards . . . for several days afterwards. Isn't it funny how she looks like she's reading?

In her birthday outfit from her Aunt Angela.

She was kind of grumpy and in need of a nap at this time, but she made some really funny faces for me. If it weren't so pesky to post a million pictures you'd get them all . . .

Isn't my baby girl cute? Those curls and that grin . . . I can't stay mad at her long. (don't be fooled by that angelic face, she gives occasion to stir my anger :)

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  1. Oh, so cute! I feel like Kate looks a lot different now, for some reason. So adorable.

    Madeline has that same outfit with the hearts, although she just barely grew out of it.


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