01 June 2009

Our first family vacation!

Most of David's former roommates met up together this last weekend to go camping and hiking in Zion Canyon National Park. Our family left Wednesday to break up the drive and stayed with my Grandma Stokes in Provo. Then Thursday we drove to Zion Canyon and found that the campground we had planned to get spaces for our group that was inside the park was full (at 2 p.m.). However, we found a fairly pleasant campground 13 mi. away from the park to stay in that night. Zion River Resort - I have to recommend it. Besides the fact that we were sleeping on straight pebbles it was great. The evening we were there we entered a horseshoe tournament. And we won! There was only one other pair that we were competing against, but it was my first time playing, and one of the players in the other team was like a master. I was the only one to get "a ringer", and actually I got three! Our prize was $5 to spend at their general store. We got popsicles (it was hot that day) and a pack of playing cards b/c we forgot to bring games. Pics from the first night:

Thursday we got into the park and secured our campground(s). Then we hiked to the Emerald Pools, and then we took the Riverside Walk all before it started to pour like mad about 4:30 in the afternoon. David was amazing - he got a fire going even though I had left our firewood underneath our picnic table and it got all wet. Anyway, here are pics from our hikes of that day:

I have a few more pictures of the awesome rocks and of the tunnel we went through the other day, but I'm getting bugged re-formatting every time. Anyway, it was awesome to see everyone and their respective significant others (for those that had em ;-). And to have our first official family vacation.


  1. ooooh, that looks like so much fun! i have yet to venture out hiking/camping with two little ones, but you may have just inspired me :).

  2. I hope you guys had a good time because I sure did. I'm glad I was able to see you all there. I'm sure camping requires a little more effort when you've got two kids to look after...though your son seemed like had camping under control.

  3. AWESOME!!
    I wanna go on a camping trip! If I organize one will you come? ;)
    I love Zion's it's been FOREVER since I've been there.
    What cute pictures!
    I like the one of Baby Kate w/ her cute little bonnet sitting in the grass - girls are SO cute! (I NEED ONE OF THOSE!!)
    And Dietrich is super cool w/ his shades on!
    What a fun trip!


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