29 March 2009

A Birthday Mad Lib

One of David's birthday cards was a mad lib (from my oldest bro's family)! Here's how it went down:

Dear oblivious (adj.) Dave,

We woke up this high noon (time of day) and realized your birthday was just around the caterpillar (n.). Besides July 4th (holiday), it is our favorite time of year. We can’t believe you are already seventeen (#); you don’t look a day over fifty-four (#)! This year we wanted to wish you a very stunning (adj.) birthday and looked for the perfect gift. Though we really wanted to buy you an eagle (n.), the post office squirmed (verb, past tense) and would not allow it; plus the shipping was too wonderful (adj.). And though you would look great in a new pair of pants (article of clothing), we are not sure what size your acromion process (body part) is. So we just called the bakery and asked them to send over a huge revolting (adj.) lightning bolt (n.) with tumultuous (adj.) frosting and twenty-two (#) candles on it. Hopefully it arrives at the same time as the ball (n.) from the florist shop. Later we’ll have Gandhi (famous person) call and insanely (adv.) sing “Happy Jupiter (n.) To You.” All this, so that you know we love you from the bottom of our metatarsals (body part – plural)!

Squarely (adv.),

The Bold (adj.) Robinson Family

Cool huh? David really enjoyed it. He enjoyed the other cards he received as well. I was bugged that his birthday landed on a Fast Sunday . . . love those days, but it robbed me of the fun of making him a really good birthday breakfast. Fortunately, he doesn't have to leave tomorrow so I can do it then. His birthday also included . . .

a Lifehouse album - "from Dietrich" and an Iron Gym from me. My man loves to do his pull-ups and stuff. :D



  1. Yea for Birthdays! Happy Birthday Dave! No one ever makes me a super awesome Birthday Breakfast! What a great Wife you have!

    I gave my brother Quinten an Iron Gym for Christmas ('cause I thought it was awesome) and he didn't even take it back to Germany with him! What a bum!!

    I know I'm not allowed to post on the "Robinson's Having fun" blog, but you can tell April I check it ;)

  2. Happy Birthday David!! I haven't ever heard of Mad Lib cards how fun, I love Mad Libs!!

  3. Thanks for typing the Mad Lib in. Fun for us!


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