15 February 2009

Ah, Valentines . . .

I was out of town for two weeks prior to Valentine's Day. I have in the past done little things for Dave as the day approached. Even though I was out of town I also did this year. I hid some candy items (Dave's fond of sweet stuff) throughout our apartment in places that I knew he wouldn't look through while I was gone. And then I mailed him little Valentine cards intermittently instructing him where to find his goodies: Bit o Honey (for my honey), Nerds (from a nerd), and milk chocolate lips (because he'd miss my hot lips).

The last thing I mailed him told him where to find these Mrs. Fields chocolates (and a smaller box for Dietrich) and I told him to bring them with him when he met me. And that more or less concluded MY gift giving in honor of the holiday.

When he met me he brought this rose as well. Which I thought was a funny substitute for real flowers. Really, I thought it was just funny. I was also a little surprised because he has been consistent in giving me yellow roses (they're my favorite) for this day.

Then when I got home I found all of this on our table! I entered by myself; we decided to send him and the kids to pick up our heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's. I was so surprised! The Kingdom and the Crown series was on my wish list and so was the movie Enchanted, but I didn't anticipate that he'd get so much for this single holiday. Sweet, huh?! He really surprised me.

These are some sweet Valentine greetings (and Dietrich's chocolates) that Dietrich and Kate got from their Aunt and cousins. Aren't they cute? "You're oceans of fun, Valentine" and "Best fishes, Valentine." Clever right? I love family. And I love having a sweetheart. It was a LONG couple of weeks without him, and we're all glad to be back together.


  1. Rachel.. I found your blog via Caranna's I hope you don't mind. Your post is so precious!! What a sweet Valentine's Day!! You two are darling!!

  2. We made the fish Valentine's this year for all of Tate and Canton's preschool buddies and wrote "Of all the fish in the sea, you're the only one for me" pretty silly, but fun - they liked helping make them, they felt more involved that way!

    Dave is awesome! "Enchanted" is one of my favorite movies! We watch it a lot!
    I'm so glad that you didn't have to drive ALL the way by yourself!!
    I love chocolate! This year we had Dove heart shaped chocolates, they had saying on the inside of the foil, and I think my two favorites were "Chocolate always loves you back" and "At least Chocolate will be your Valentine." It just struck me funny ;)
    I'm glad you got your yellow roses. My husband has been teaching my children that flowers are for suckers... because you spend money on them and then they die!
    So no flowers for me this year.. oh well. I'll have to get him to stop teaching my boys such things!

    I'm glad that you were able to be together for Valentine's day! And sorry I missed seeing you while you were in Preston. I guess there's always next time...


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