04 November 2008

18 pound 'Cake'!

Yesterday Kate had a checkup and she weighed no less than eighteen pounds! At two and a half months! She's also 24 inches long. She was off the charts for both of those numbers, but particularly for her weight. This girl is massive. And she is so precious. Such a good baby and she has the cutest smile. I really will catch it on camera sometime, and I'll post pictures. As for the title of this post, recall that Dietrich calls her Cake. :-) That's all my news.


  1. Impressive! Hana was 18 pounds at her 1 year check-up. She finally doubled her birth weight. I think she is finally putting on good weight now that she eats a little better. All my kids gain weight after they are done nursing. It's not because of lack of ice cream. I've got the pounds to prove it! :)

  2. Woah! 18 pounds already!? I must just have super skinny kids! My 18 month old has finally passed the 20 pound barrier. (We had to wait for that before we could turn his car seat around)
    I want to see pictures of your cute little girl!

  3. I'm pretty sure with the way Madelyn eats, she's going to be right up there with Cake!

  4. oh my goodness, that's awesome. henry weighed in at 18 pounds at his 2 month checkup/immunizations, they should be friends :). isn't bathtime interesting with all of those rolls?


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