06 August 2008

Lest you think I am negligent . . .

in keeping you all informed about this baby, I have decided to post what I know. She's still in the oven. Unbelievable. I had an appointment this morning and while things still appear to be going well, there has been no progression. And that is in spite of more than an hour of for real labor yesterday morning. We were even headed to the hospital! After we got in the car I suggested that we drive around a bit to make sure it would keep going. It stopped. And there have been no significant contractions since then. Needless to say, I was a bit discouraged by the news at my appointment this morning, but what can I do? Nothing really. So I'll keep on waiting. We were planning to travel to Preston for a family reunion next Wednesday, but if she stays in much longer I don't think those plans will be followed. Anyway, we will be keeping you posted. If you hear nothing, it is perfectly safe to assume that nothing has happened. :-)


  1. When is her due date again? I've fogotten. I hope you are feeling well and get through this next little while okay! I'm excited to hear the news and see new pictures!

  2. It has been my experience, after three babies, once labor starts you'd better do everything you can to keep it going!!(Unless it's too early then they put you on bed rest *grumble*grumble*) No more sitting down and driving around town!
    Get up, walk around, work with the contractions, clean your house, cook dinner... anything that keeps you on your feet.
    That was the one thing my midwife would always stress, especially with my first, I was so tired, I wanted to sit down and rest... she'd let me, but as soon as she noticed things slowing down she's make me get up and get moving again, despite my moaning and groaning.
    I know the feeling of just wanting to get it over with and have that bundle of joy in your arms already!! (If just to get her out of your tummy ;)
    I'm sure you've gotten plenty of advise - but there's my two cents!
    You can always try spicy foods, a little lovin' from your hubby or pushing a toddler laden stroller up hill for a good hour :)
    Hope all goes well.
    I think you're brave to attempt such a long trip with such a new baby! But we'd love to see you if you do make it down this way.

  3. Due date was 2 August. So I'm officially a week overdue.


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