28 July 2008

The Man I Married

I was tagged by my friend, Heather Dance (didn’t she inherit a great married name?).

1. What is his name? David Reid Allred (don’t get me wrong, I like my married name, too).

2. Who eats more? Right now I mostly eat less (the baby is squishing my stomach). But usually he eats just a little bit more than me (not by much though).

3. Who said I love you first? It was probably Dave . . . I’m sure somehow I swindled him into saying it first. I was so into not being the initiator of anything if I could help it.

4. Who is taller? Dave – by a good six inches.

5. Who is smarter? We’re smart in different things for sure, but I’d say Dave is all-around smarter than me.

6. Who is more sensitive? Isn’t that a funny word? Does that mean more easily offended or more in tune with what other people are feeling? Since having my first child I’m more easily offended than I used to be, but neither Dave nor I are really easy to offend. I would guess I was a little more sensitive to the feelings of others in general, but Dave is especially attuned to what I’m feeling it seems. Which is nice unless he can tell that I’m angry but I’m trying not to be; I make him feel bad when I know I should just get over things. He notices I’m angry before I can recover.

7. Who does the laundry? Primarily me, but when his schedule allows he’ll help me – especially since we’re in Laundromat land at this time. :-)

8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Right from the head of the bed or right from the foot? From the head it’s me.

9. Who pays the bills? I am primarily in charge of getting bills paid. Dave pays the bill on his cell phone since he’s the only one that has one now.

10. Who cooks more? Definitely me, but Dave’s really good at taking over for me if I am REALLY not feeling it.

11. What meals do you cook together? We have done dinner together, but mostly it’s been a one or the other kind of thing for us.

12. Who is more stubborn? I think I’d say Dave. Yeah, it’s Dave.

13. Who is the first to admit they're wrong? I think we’re about even on this one. Dave will sometimes claim being wrong even when he’s not.

14. Who has more siblings? Me – I have seven siblings and Dave has four.

15. Who wears the pants in the relationship? We share pants! Ha-ha Not literally, but what I mean to say of course is that we’re a team.

16. What do you like to do together? Anything really. We’ve kind of lost track of what it’s like to do stuff just together, but someday we’ll get that figured out again.

17. Who eats more sweets? Dave. We both like our sugar, but I’ll stop sooner than Dave does usually.

18. Guilty pleasures? Um, sharing a quart of ice cream in one sitting? We have done an entire half gallon before, too, but that doesn’t happen so much anymore.

19. How did you meet? Truthfully neither of us can remember when we first met, but it would have been Sunday school in our home ward when we were fourteen.

20 and 21 disappeared at some point in this tagging sequence.

22. Who proposed? Dave for sure! I would never have dreamed of proposing myself! It was pretty rare for me to even ask guys out . . . ask Dave – even when we were dating I would hardly ever call him, I’d wait for him to call me. The only exception I made was right after he got home from his mission. I took him to Phantom of the Opera.

23. His best features? There are so many! I love his whole face! And I really love his broad shoulders. He’s a manly figure.

24. What is his greatest quality? There are a lot of these, too. Hmm . . . I think what I admire most about him is his self-motivation and integrity. That’s two I know but I couldn’t leave either one out. :-)

25. Tag? My sister, April . . . I’d tag all of my married sisters (and my sisters-in-law for that matter), but I think April’s the most likely to do it. However, all those mentioned above, feel free to do it if you feel you can squeeze in the time! For the Robinson side, just post on the family blog if you haven’t got your own! I also tag Callie.

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