15 June 2008

Pics from Spring Break

I suppose these pics are a little old, but it took forever to get them sent from the cell phone to the email. They were taken with David's cell phone and I finally had to do most of the sending myself! Not that I'm complaining really. :-)

Dietrich had fun playing with his cousin Natalie. They kind of rough housed I guess you might say.

He didn't really know what to think of her initially - she's very affectionate and busy, but he got used to her and had a good time playing with her.

Here he's underneath the play center/walker thing. He didn't have quite as much fun playing with "cousin" Braxton - he (Dietrich) was a little under the weather. I say "cousin" because he isn't literally his cousin, but his parents are really good friends of ours so they may as well be family! haha

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  1. What are you talking about, we are family from another mother... Just kidding. I love the pics.


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