24 May 2008

A brand new car!

Well, not even close to brand new, but new for us. We purchased a '97 Subaru Legacy Outback this last week. I just grabbed this pic off of the internet, but this is how it looks. With our forthcoming new arrival we felt that we needed a little more cargo space; more passenger space is not yet necessary so we weren't in the market for a van or anything like that. And we found one that was affordable (amazingly). Anyway, so we've traded in the Bonneville. It was a somewhat painful procedure - "Bonnie" has been very good to us. It was quite an adventure to buy a car. Neither Dave nor I had actually done it before. I made Dave do all of the price haggling by himself. I didn't want to be there because the thought made me sick - I just feel like somebody must be getting cheated. :-) It's impossible to know if we really made a good deal until we see how "Ruby" handles long drives and how long she lasts. But we feel pretty good about it - everyone we talked to said Subaru's last forever!


  1. Congrats. It's funny how this last weekend when you guys were here you were saying you were in the minority of married students because you've been married for about 3 years and haven't bought a house or a new car. Now here you went and did it. That's so exciting though. Shawn and I both think so. It was good seeing you guys and of course we're excited to see you guys here in another month or so. Tell "Ruby" hi for us.

  2. nice work you two. the outback is my favorite vehicle by far, and we have a 92 Subaru that still kickin strong. Happy two-months-to-go day!


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